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Who's The Salem Alchemist

The Salem Alchemist was conjured up in 2023 when Alexi realized he not only wanted to be more conscious of the products he was using, but make them affordable and accessible. Alongside his new wife, Jenny, in the historic city of Salem, Massachusetts, he began to craft his first soaps by hand, and continues to make them the same way.

The Salem Alchemist is proud to provide natural, eco-friendly, accessibly-priced loofah soaps to Salem’s locals, residents of surrounding areas, online shoppers, and the millions (yes, millions!) of visitors that come from near and far to experience the magic of Salem.

In addition to participating in many markets and festivals throughout the year on the north shore of Massachusetts, The Salem Alchemist also aims to give back to its community by organizing events such as environmental clean-ups and educational pop-up classes.